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Welcome to Isorobic Life Improvement Center... Best fitness exercise in minutes!

Astronauts, professional athletes and thousands of others have used the ISOROBIC™ concept of exercise over the last 30 years. It is a sound, proven and established program of exercise. Try it for yourself! You will find that it produces tremendous results quickly with little or no soreness. Very few fitness companies can make that claim.

If you or if you know someone that may be interested in an exciting career opportunity as an ISOROBIC™ consultant, please call ISOROBIC™ Global Headquarters (ISOGHQ) and I can explain what it takes to become a successful consultant.

Also, should you have any questions or concerns regarding your new ISOROBIC™ exercise equipment, please contact me at 302-628-3488 or you can reach me directly by e-mail at isoghq@aol.com. We are beginning to reconstruct and update our website to include all of the benefits offered by our ISOROBIC™ exercise system as well as our company. Please excuse any website delays that you may encounter.



Dr. Michael A. Triglia


Dr. Michael Triglia
Seaford Chiropractor | ISOROBIC, GHQ | 302-628-3488

26685 Sussex Hwy
Seaford, DE 19973

Please browse our online store, CALL 302-628-3488 to place an order as our store is temporarily down for maintenance.


Our Global Headquarters

Specially designed for people with little time and space to exercise! 

5 - 10 Minute a day Work Out You Can Take Anywhere…

Can Replicate Any Weight Machine or Free Weight Exercise…

We Have Private Rehabilitation And Training Programs Five Days a Week…

Ask How You Can Also Make Easy Money Becoming a Consultant…


Exclusive Offer

New clients receive 15% OFF first purchase.

Sign-up using the form or call us at 302-628-3488 to take advantage of this exclusive offer.

Client Testimonial

I have been using the ISOROBIC system for 20 yrs. I have  not only had major weight reduction But i have kept fit and tone using the machine. I can pack it up and take it anywhere with me and I do. You will not fine a more compact unit that does everything you need from cardio to weights for the price.

I bought my wife one and she loves hers too!

Firm believer,

Fred R.

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Seaford, DE 19973
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